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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: Asymptote
Version number: 1.91
Author's name: John Bowman
Location on CTAN: /
Summary description: 2D & 3D TeX-Aware Vector Graphics Language
License type: lgpl

Announcement text: 
The precision of the 3D perspective sizing routines were
improved.  The offset in transformed 3D labels with render=0
was fixed. 3D planar arrowhead gaps were fixed; a duplicate
3D arrow angle factor was removed.  Pen width contributions
to the box and ellipse envelopes were fixed. A more robust
contour algorithm based on paraboloid approximation was
implemented.  A polargraph routine for arrays was
implemented. Default font problems were fixed. The
pdfborder={0 0 0} option was added to
settings.hyperrefOptions; the hypersetup command is now used
to avoid hyperref option clashes.  The size of pngalpha
images was fixed; the pngalpha driver is used only if
antialias=2. The -alpha Off default convert option was
removed in favour of convertOptions="-alpha Off". Inlinetex
support for xelatex was updated.  Picture transformations
are now respected by latticeshade. The Bessel functions J
and Y were renamed to Jn and Yn. An operator --(block,
block) was implemented to simplify the flowchart syntax. The
expression % expands to the last result returned at the
interactive prompt. The GLU-1.3 library included in the
MSWindows distribution was fixed.

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