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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: Chinese Font Metrics
Version number: 0.9
Author's name: Yue Wang
Location on CTAN: /fonts
Summary description: TFM subfonts files for using Chinese Fonts in 8-bit TeX
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
Chinese Font Metrics is a set of font metrics for using Chinese fonts under the latex-
>dvipdfmx or pdflatex route. Note, latex->dvips is not supported since dvips can not 
embed ttf. In order to use that in dvips, you should create type1 subfonts from 
truetype files by your self (perhaps using ttf2pt1 or fontforge).

No actual Chinese TrueType typeface font is provided in the package. If you want to 
use this package, bear in mind that a set of ttfs (like sim*.ttf distributed in Simplified 
Chinese version of Windows XP) are needed for font embedding. Just copy the 
sim*.ttf to corresponding directory enables you to typeset Chinese out of the box. If 
you are using other fonts, you might consider adding/modifying the map lines 

the package contained files in three categories :
- fonts/tfm: contained all the tfm metric files for 6 typeface (kai, song, lishu, 
fangsong, youyuan, hei) in two widely used character encodings (GBK and UTF-8) 
- scripts: in order to make sure that all the above tfms distributed have no legal 
problems (since most Chinese TrueType fonts are commercial, and converting that 
using ttf2tfm might raise some legal problems) Lingyun Wu wrote a script to 
generate the metrics. Lua and pltotf are used to generate the tfms, no actual ttf are 
involved thanks to the fact that Chinese characters are monospace font by nature. 
- fonts/map and tex/latex/zhwinfonts: default map file (for simsun.ttf, simhei.ttf, 
simfang.ttf, simkai,ttf, simli.ttf and simyou.ttf. These fonts are widely used in China) 
for pdftex, ttf2pk and dvipdfmx.

The package is created following Yue Wang's article. If you are interested in why this 
package can do the magic, that article explains everything, available on 

This package is licensed in LPPL.

If you are interested in the process of development you
may observe


- Yue Wang and Lingyun Wu 


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