CTAN update: Eplain 3.3

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Sun Jul 26 02:33:59 CEST 2009

This package has been updated on CTAN and should by now be at your local mirror.

Jim Hefferon
Saint Michael's College

------------------------- Announcement -------------------------

I'm happy to announce release 3.3 of Eplain, a set of TeX macros that
expands on and extends the definitions in plain TeX in a
"style-neutral" fashion.  Eplain's home page is


You can get it off CTAN at


The manual is available on-line from CTAN or Eplain's home page, or as
a hard-copy from


(royalties are donated to the TeX Users Group).

Here's an excerpt from the NEWS file.

* New commands \eqnum and \eqalignnum, counterparts of \(l)eqno and
  \(l)eqalignno, producing equation numbers which can be uniformly
  transformed to right-aligned (\righteqnumbers) or left-aligned
* Eplain has borrowed the eTeX, ExTeX, XeTeX and XeLaTeX logos from
* \idxnameseparator is now expanded once so that the .idx file
  contains its contents instead of the macro call.
* Non-silent indexing macros have been fixed not to produce a spurious
  newline when newline's catcode is 13 (active).
* Eplain now takes care to unactivate any active characters before
  typesetting index term in the margin for proofing.
* Updated ifpdf.sty.
* LaTeX package reloading warnings are now not shown on the terminal.
* Documentation improvements.

Thanks to everybody who contributed with bug reports, feature
suggestions and code patches.

Oleg Katsitadze

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