New version of UK TeX FAQ, v3.19

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Wed Jun 10 18:28:44 CEST 2009

i have today put version v3.19 of the uk tex faq on ctan.  this
release is terribly late (i had hoped to push it out in january); the
reason is to be found in various personal issues of mine.

the release will as usual be visible on CTAN at
with a small catalogue page at
(the catalogue entry is rewritten from its earlier instance, and will
appear on the archive for the first time overnight tonight)

the faq also remains available as a web application at

while i shall continue to write all the words, for a bit, my target is
to make it possible for the faq to be a collaborative project.  this
involves major upheavals in many areas, from the structure of the
source to the presentation on the web.  not all the changes will
happen at one time, but i would welcome expressions of interest from
potential future collaborators, from now on.

so ... here is the content of my CHANGES file for this release

Changes in version 3.19

This file lists changes since its most recent release (with version 3.18
of the FAQ).  There are now 438 questions (and answers) in the FAQ.

New answers:
 +Label grffilenames: "modern" file names in graphics
 +Label keyval:    using key-value input in macros and package
 +Label linmacnames: why non-letters in macro names are a bad idea
 +Label osf:	   using fonts with "old-style" numbers
 +Label pdf-fig-chars: disappearing glyphs in pdfTeX figures (from Thanh)
 +Label texorpdf:  error "not allowed in PDFDocEncoded string"
 +Label texthings: what all these <thing>TeX names are
 +Label usesymb:   using symbols
 +Label whatmacros:brief outline of macros for "bits and pieces" section
 +Label wideflt:   centre a float wider than text area

Relabelled answers:
 +Label xfigetc:   discusses xfig and asymptote (so far) (was label xfig)

Revised answers:
 +Label askquestion: what to do if your minimal example needs a figure
 +Label acroantics:content of old label outszwrng merged in
 +Label biblatex:  updated, now also mentions biber
 +Label books:	   mention Lulu version of TeX by Topic
 +Label chngmargonfly: mention addlines package
 +Label compactbib:mention the compactbib package (surprise!)
 +Label drawing:   describe pictex, epic and eepic (all previously skated over)
 +Label editors:   mention texworks
 +Label figurehere:mention \MakeSorted from perpage package
 +Label fonts-pln: mention varisize
 +Label footnpp:   mention zref package perpage module
 +Label ftncapt:   clarification (I hope)
 +Label latex2html:mention plastex
 +Label latexe:	   reworked for clarity
 +Label latexpronounce: following on from latexe
 +Label linenos:   numline package now obsolete
 +Label luatex:	   tidied up, now I'm clearer about LuaTeX, myself
 +Label logos:	   clarified, in light of changes to printing layout we now use
 +Label man-latex: added pointer to first-latex-doc
 +Label marginpkgs:changepage package supplants chngpage
 +Label mcite:	   mention mciteplus and collref packages
 +Label nonfree:   explain what went wrong and what is happening
 +Label ifpdf:	   mention ifxetex and ifluatex
 +Label noroom:	   tidied up e-TeX related part of answer
 +Label ref-doc:   mention latexcheat
 +Label setURL:	   mention spaces and hyphens options of url.sty
 +Label texsystems:mention MikTeX-for-Linux
 +Label wordcount: mention TeXcount
 +Label writecls:  mention Oberdiek's splendid source2e pdf file
 +Label wygexpts:  preview-latex now part of auctex

Deleted answers:
 +Label outszwrng
(remember, as of the previous release, links to "old" labels remain
valid, pointing to an answer that is as near relevant as possible)

Web interface:
  The initial list of questions no longer gives a URL containing all
  the answers -- Google was returning that for every match, which
  didn't help!
  All links to CTAN files, directory .zips and directories for
  browsing are now http, and there's no longer any mention of .tar.gz
  archives of CTAN directories (since they're no longer available)

Robin Fairbairns

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