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Jim Hefferon
Saint Michael's College


The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: recycle
Author's name: Ian Green, Scott Pakin
Location on CTAN: /fonts/recycle
Summary description: A font providing the "recyclable" logo
License type: gpl

Announcement text: 
As Ian Green's recycle.readme states, recycle.mf "is awful code and
doesn't even put the logo in a box (properly)".  In practical terms,
this means that recycle.mf produces a number of Metafont "Inconsistent
equation" errors, which break many of the scripts that process
Metafont fonts.  Fortunately, running Metafont manually and forcing it
to ignore errors does seem to produce valid output.

To ease the pain of using the recycling symbol in (La)TeX documents
and to enable the recycling symbol to look good at arbitrary scale I
hereby provide recycle.pfb, a PostScript Type 1 version of recycle.mf.
recycle.pfb was produced by running recycle.mf through mf2pt1 and
tweaking the resulting Type 1 font in FontForge to relocate a few
control points to integral coordinates and to remove a
self-intersecting path.

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