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On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 Nicola Talbot submitted an update to the



Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/datatool
Summary description: Tools to load and manipulate data
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 

v2.0 (2009/02/27):

 * Rewritten database internal representation to make the code
   faster (thanks to Morten H\o gholm for the suggestion)
 * added etex as a required package
 * Database columns can now have an associated header (in addition
   to the key)
 * added \DTLdisplaydb and \DTLdisplaylongdb
 * added \DTLremoverow
 * \DTLloaddb, \DTLloadrawdb:
     - removed unnecessary checks to determine if database 
       exists when adding entries.
     - added optional argument
     - can now also load files without header row
 * \DTLsumforkeys, \DTLmeanforkeys, \DTLvarianceforkeys,
   \DTLsdforkeys, \DTLminforkeys and \DTLmaxforkeys now have a 
   second optional argument
 * added \DTLsumcolumn, \DTLmeanforcolumn, \DTLvarianceforcolumn,
   \DTLsdforcolumn, \DTLminforcolumn and \DTLmaxforcolumn
 * added \dtlforeachkey
 * added \dtlforint and \dtlgforint
 * added \dtlforcolumn and \dtlforcolumnidx
 * added \DTLcolumncount
 * added starred versions of:
   - \DTLifdbempty
   - \DTLnewrow
 * added \DTLifhaskey
 * added \DTLgetcolumnindex
 * added \DTLunsettype, \DTLstringtype, \DTLinttype, \DTLrealtype
   and \DTLcurrencytype
 * added \DTLgetdatatype 
 * removed \@dtl at setidtype
 * removed \@dtl at setkeys
 * removed \@dtl at getidtype
 * removed \@dtl at ifrowcontains
 * removed \dtl at getentryvalue
 * removed \dtl at getentryid
 * added \dtlgetentryfromcurrentrow
 * added \dtlforcolumnindex

 * fixed bug causing ! Argument of \pgfmath at afterquick has an extra } 

 * added \DTLeverybarhook


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