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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: draftmark
Author's name: Ahmed Musa
Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/draftmark
Summary description: Put draftmarks on select pages intelligently
License type: nocommercial

Announcement text: 
This package puts a user-specified draftmark on pages of documents. It 
is more general than the package 'draftwatermark' by Sergio Callegari. 
The advantages of this package over 'draftwatermark' include: the user 
can specify his own draftmark and color, the draftmark position, the 
page (all pages, odd pages, even pages, a particular page number, and 
a range of pages) on which the draftmark should appear, and all the 
options are passed directly to package instead of being defined by 
macros. There is also the provision to use the macro \draftmarksetup, 
which can be used to specify draftmark properties for each page or 
range of pages. With the 'xcolor' package (loaded by this package), 
all colors (including 'white', shades like 'red!75!green!50', and 
those defined within the user document) can be passed to this package. 
The code of this package is very much shorter than that of the 
'draftcopy' package by Jurgen Vollmer (2002) because it capitalizes 
on some dvi 'hook' packages that have become available in recent 
years (post 2002).

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