CTAN update --- fonttable package v1.5

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Thu May 14 15:25:02 CEST 2009

peter wilson wrote:

>     I have uploaded fonttable.tar.gz to UK incoming. Please use this
> to replace the current macros/latex/contrib/fonttable. The
> distribution is under the LPPL.
> From the README:
>     The fonttable package enables you to print a table of the
> characters in a font (a font table), and/or some example text, and/or
> individual glyphs in a variety of settings.
>     This, in package form, is a poor man's version of nfssfont.tex and
> testfont.tex.
> Changes in version 1.5 (2009/05/12)
> o Added code providing a packaged version of Donald Knuth's
> testfont.tex, principally as an aid for font designers in testing
> their fonts.

i have installed the new version and updated the catalogue repository.
thanks for the upload.

users may view the package catalogue entry at
or browse the package directory at
(the catalogue entry will be updated overnight tonight.)

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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