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On Mon, 19 Oct 2009, Dominik Wassenhoven submitted an update to the



Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/exptl/biblatex-contrib/biblatex-dw/
Summary description: Humanities styles for biblatex
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
version 1.2l
 - BUGFIX: With footnote-dw, the references to the first 
   citations did not work, when refsections were used. This 
   is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: With xref=true, when no volume was present in an 
   @inreference entry as well as in its corresponding 
   @reference entry, the bibstring 'vol.' was printed. This 
   is now fixed. 
 - New option 'shortjournal'. If set to 'true', the field 
   'shortjournal' is used instead of 'journaltitle'. This is
   useful for journal abbreviations. The default is 'false'.
 - New option 'acronyms'. If set to 'true', shorthands (and 
   with 'shortjournal=true' also the abbreviated journal 
   titles) are set with the command \mkbibacro, but only if 
   the entry option 'acronym' is set to 'true'. The default 
   is 'false'.
 - New option 'pageref' (in footnote-dw only). If set to 
   'true', it adds the page to the footnote number pointing 
   to the full citation if it is located on a different 
   page. This option is the same as in the standard styles 
   'verbose-note' and 'verbose-inote'. The default is false.
 - In footnote-dw, the pointer to the earlier citation is 
   suppressed if a shorthand exists and the option 'citedas' 
   is true. Note that you can override the global option 
   'citedas' by setting the entry option 'citedas'.

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