CTAN will drop the tools/ tree

CTAN Announcements ctan-ann at dante.de
Mon Sep 14 20:14:49 CEST 2009

We will drop the tools/ directory tree from CTAN in a day.  This tree
does not hold TeX-related materials-- instead it holds materials that
are useful for archivists and people dealing with archives.

When CTAN started, finding those materials could be a problem so
keeping them with the archive made sense.  Happily, the state of the
Internet is that these materials are now easy to find and the cost of
our keeping up on latest versions, etc., outweighs any convienence for
our users.  Indeed, many of our holdings are out of date and others of
the holdings are now of historical interest only.

So in a day we will drop the tree (we can't think of a reason why
someone would want us to delay for the day but we can't see any reason
that a delay could hurt so we will wait the day).

Jim Hefferon
CTAN team

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