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Wed Sep 16 11:01:10 CEST 2009

Donald Arseneau <asnd at triumf.ca> wrote:

> I just rewrote version.sty as I see fit and uploaded it
> to UK.

thanks; i've installed the new version of version (aargh), and updated
the catalogue entry.

> You guys can decide whether to have the existing versions.sty
> or this rewrite to take over the slot for version.sty.

i don't make public quality judgements in my ctan work ;-)  (i leave
that for the faq...)

> License: permissive free (very short MIT/X11/BSD style)

interpreted (as is standard, now) as "other-free".

> Here are the (end)notes on the new "version".
> % Donald Arseneau produced this version because Stephen Bellantoni had no
> % permissions explicitly stated in his version.  DA has tried to remain
> % compatible but has indulged in "upgrades" (bloat) which might not be
> % proper.
> %
> % Although the code is entirely rewritten, there are a few principal
> % differences with version 2:
> %
> % Verbatim catcoding of braces (to scan over unbalanced braces) is
> % still applied, but is not required to be effective: the \end{NAME}
> % will be detected whether the catcode changes are effective or not.
> %
> % Verbatim catcode for & is set to allow skipping rows of a tabular.
> %
> % Definitions of existing environments are now retained by \includeversion,
> % unless the existing definition is the one made by \excludeversion.
> %
> % Added optional argument for \excludeversion for a textual tag to
> % replace the excluded content.

users may view the package catalogue entry at
or the package itself at

the catalogue entry will be slightly changed, in a moment, at some stage

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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