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Jim Hef{}feron
Saint Michael's College


The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: Asymptote
Version number: 2.03
Author's name: John Bowman
Summary description: 2D & 3D TeX-Aware Vector Graphics Language
License type: lgpl

Announcement text: 
An optional asydir parameter that allows asy files to be
generated in a subdirectory was added to version 1.18 of
asymptote.sty; XeLaTeX support was fixed. Nonrendered
preview images via render=0 are now implemented.  Blank 3D
labels were fixed. Problems with arc directions and ellipses
in the geometry module were fixed. The definition of the
Dotted linetype was improved. Missing pen and margin
parameters were added to the flowchart blockconnector
function calls. Virtual methods were optimized. Makefile
dependencies were fixed and autogenerated files are cleaned
up. The dependence of the source tarball on perl was
removed. Minor improvements were made to the documentation
and man page. The Asymptote installation directory is now
automatically added to the MSWindows path.

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