CTAN package transmigration: pst-plot

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Thu Feb 11 17:23:52 CET 2010

Herbert Voss wrote:

> I uploaded pst-plot.tgz to the uk ctan node. Please put
> all files into the _new_ directory
> /graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-plot/

i've installed this stand-alone version of the package, and updated the
catalogue repository (there was an existing entry for the package, which
was previously part of the pstricks base distribution).

thanks for the upload.

> pst-plot (v 1.10) is a PSTricks related package and provides
> macros for drawing functions and data records.
> This version uses the exetended pst-xkey package and
> has now its own documentation.
> The authors are
> Timothy Van Zandt and Herbert Voß
> Please _delete_ also the old files:
> /graphics/pstricks/base/generic/pst-plot.tex
> /graphics/pstricks/base/latex/pst-plot.sty

Users may view the package's catalogue entry at
or browse the package's directory at

The catalogue entry will change (somewhat) overnight tonight.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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