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On Sat, 2 Jan 2010, Wybo Dekker submitted an update to the



The isodoc class can be used for the preparation of letters and invoices (and, 
in the future, similar documents).  Documents are set up with options, thus 
making the class easily adaptable to user's wishes and extensible for other 
document types.

Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/isodoc
Summary description: Option-driven class for the preparation of letters and invoices
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 

major changesof v0.7 relative to v0.6:
 - using eurosym package instead of marvosym;
 - using frenchb package instead of french;
 - added addresswidth option, default stays 2 cols;
 - changes suggested by Fabrice Niessen (thanks!):
 - added header/noheader options;
 - added bodyshift option;
 - date format can be yyyy-mm-dd or a literal `today';
 - added forcedate option to enter anything for date;
 - added foldleft and foldright options, default stays right;
 - headingcolor, if defined, colors fancy headings;
 - headcolor, if defined, colors headings in header and footer;
 - foldmarkcolor, if defined, colors foldmark


This package is located at 
More information is at
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appear).  We are supported by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org .  
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Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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