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Jim Hef{}feron
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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: romandeadf
Version number: version 1.008 of the Romande ADF Font Collection; first 
  TeX/LaTeX support
Author's name: Clea F. Rees
Summary description: Romande ADF fonts collection in ps type 1 format 
  with TeX/LaTeX support.
License type: other-free

Announcement text: 
Romande ADF is a serif family with oldstyle figures designed
as a substitute for Times, Tiffany or Caslon. The family
currently includes upright, italic and small-caps shapes in
each of regular and demi-bold weights and an italic script
in regular. The support package renames the fonts according
to the Karl Berry fontname scheme and defines four families.
Two of these primarily provide access to the "standard'' or
default characters while the "alternate'' families support
alternate characters, additional ligatures and the long s.
The included package files provide access to these features
in LaTeX as explained in the documentation.

The fonts themselves are released under the GPL v2 or later,
with font exception.

The support package is released under the LPPL.

This package is located at 
.  More information is at
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