corrigendum: elsevier and elsevier-bib packages

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Mon Nov 8 17:34:34 CET 2010

i wrote:

> the elsevier and elsevier-bib packages have been superseded by
> elsarticle.  however, elsevier's web site seems to be accruing updates
> to the obsolete packages, but elsevier seem unwilling to upload newer
> versions to ctan.
> the ctan team has therefore deleted both packages, in order to minimise
> confusion.

since posting this message, i have received mail from the relevant
person within elsevier.  he assures me that i was wrong to think that
changes were appearing for the elsevier* packages.

nevertheless, given that the packages are long obsolete, he concurs with
the decision to remove them from ctan.

my apologies are due to elsevier for the misinformation.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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