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Thu Nov 18 01:18:46 CET 2010

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:

> I just uploaded to the UK node updates of fontspec, luaotfload, luainputenc,
> luamplib, luatextra and luatexbase. This grouped update is due to a few names
> changing in luatexbase, so users and distributions are advised to update these 6
> packages together. It should be noted, however, that this release also contains
> unrelated changes for luamplib and luatextra.
> So, what's new in each package?
> fontspec        2.1e    adapt to luatexbase 0.3
> luaintputenc    0.972   adapt to luatexbase 0.3
> luaotfload      1.21    adapt to luatexbase 0.3
> luamplib v1.06
>     * bugfix from Hans (bad function name)
> luamplib v1.05
>     * adapt to luatexbase v0.3
> luatextra v1.0
>     * move to latex only
>     * remove old callback code
>     * remove old macro/primitive aliases
>     * load fontspec
> luatextra v0.99a
>     * adapt to luatexbase v3.0
> luatexbase v0.3
>     The [BI] tag highlights backwards incompatible changes.
>     all   not using LuaTeX results in an error (formerly a warning)
>     luatexbase-modutils
>         - [BI] \luatexUseModule and \luatexRequireModule replaced by
>           \RequireLuaModule with a unified syntax.
>         - [BI] luatexbase.use_module removed (use luatexbase.require_module
>           with a single argument instead).
>         - [BI] luatexbase.module_term removed.
>         - [BI] removed support for version check using a floating point
>           number, only date is supported now.
>         - module_{error,warning,info,log} now apply string.format
>           automatically
>         - date, version and description are now optional.
>         - improved formatting of messages.
>         - luatexbase.require_module now returns curstom err/war/inf functions.
>     luatexbase-mcb
>         - [BI] rationalise "list"-type callbacks handling. The new calling
>           convention differs from the old one only in edge cases.
>         - add user documentation
>         - misc code tuning (more locals, etc)
> Concerning luatextra: it's now a latex-only package, so I guess its CTAN
> location should be changed to macros/luatex/latex/luatextra. Also, you may want
> to update the catalogue description due to major changes, see the README.

i have installed all these updates, moved the luatextra package as
suggested, and made (at least some of) the necessary changes to the

thanks for the uploads.

Users may view the packages' catalogue entries at
or browse the packages' directories at

The catalogue entries will change (somewhat) overnight tonight.


Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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