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Jim Hef{}feron
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Update summary:
  Version 1.3b
  This version of biblatex-dw was tested against biblatex 1.0, 
  but it should also work with versions from biblatex 0.9d.
  The following changes were made to biblatex-dw:
   - BUGFIX: Using pagetotal=false and citepages=separate, the 
     herename was printed as soon as the pagetotal field was 
     present (although the pagetotal field itself was not
     printed). This is now fixed, and the citepages option 
     pays attention to the pagetotal option.
   - In order to match as closely as possible to biblatex 
     itself, the \citenamepunct command was renamed to 
     \nametitledelim. For compatibility reasons with earlier 
     versions of biblatex-dw, the \citenamepunct was kept. 
     Thus, it does not matter if you redefine \nametitledelim 
     or \citenamepunct, the effect will be the same; but note 
     that the \citenamepunct may be dropped in later versions 
     of biblatex-dw. 
   - In full citations \nametitledelim is used instead of 
   - Improvements regarding idem functionality in combination
     with xref=true.
   - Improved the documentation.

Basic package information, as sent by the contributor.
Location: /macros/latex/contrib/biblatex-contrib/biblatex-dw
Caption: Humanities styles for biblatex.
Description: A small collection of styles for the biblatex package.
    It was designed for citations in the humanities and offers some
    features that are not provided by the standard biblatex styles.
    Biblatex-dw is dependent on biblatex (at least version 0.9d) and
    cannot be used without it.
Author: Dominik Wa├čenhoven
License: lppl
Name: biblatex-dw
Version: 1.3a

More information is at http://tug.ctan.org/pkg/biblatex-dw
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