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Update summary:
  version 0.9a
   - Compatibility to biblatex 0.9e.
   - New option 'postnote'. This option can take the values 
     'inparen' and 'afterparen', where 'inparen' puts the 
     postnote in subsequent citations inside the parenthesis 
     holding the 'see note N' phrase. The default is 
     'afterparen' (thus, the default behaviour has changed, 
     because the HZ style requires it. The style description 
     was wrong at this point, and I did not check properly in 
     the printed journal. Therefore, the biblatex style 
     'historische-zeitschrift' was wrong in this particular 
     point. For compatibility reasons, and because it might be 
     useful, I turned the wrong behaviour into the option
   - @reference and @inreference are now supported (as an 
     alias for @collection and @incollection, respectively, as 
     they do not require special treatment).

Basic package information, as sent by the contributor.
Location: /macros/latex/exptl/biblatex-contrib/historische-zeitschrift
Caption: Biblatex style for the journal 'Historische Zeitschrift'
Description: The package provides citations according with the house
    style of the ‘Historische Zeitschrift’, a German historical journal.
    The scheme is a fullcite for the first citation and ‘Author,
    Shorttitle (as note N, P)’ for later citations (P being the page
    number).  For further details, see the description of the house
    style at the journal's site.

       The package depends on biblatex (version 0.9e or higher).
Author: Dominik Waßenhoven
License: lppl
Name: historische-zeitschrift
Version: 0.9

More information is at http://tug.ctan.org/pkg/historische-zeitschrift
(this link may take a day to sync).  Our archive service is sponsored
by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org .

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