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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: pkfix-helper
Version number: 1.3
Author's name: Scott Pakin
Location on CTAN: /support/pkfix-helper
Summary description: Preprocess old PostScript files so pkfix can replace their fonts
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
pkfix is a useful utility for replacing resolution-dependent
bitmapped fonts in a dvips-produced PostScript file with the
corresponding resolution-independent vector fonts.
Unfortunately, pkfix needs to parse certain PostScript
comments that appear only in files produced by dvips
versions later than 5.58 (ca. 1996); it fails to work on
PostScript files produced by older versions of dvips.

pkfix-helper is a program that attempts to insert
newer-dvips comments into an older-dvips PostScript file,
thereby making the file suitable for processing by pkfix.
pkfix-helper can sometimes process documents fully
autonomously but does require the user to verify and, if
needed, correct its decisions.

Version 1.3 introduces a --keep option to prevent specified
bitmapped fonts from being replaced with vector fonts.  This
is useful for logos and other graphics that were created as
single-character fonts.  Version 1.3 also fixes a
divide-by-zero error caused by forced fonts that match only
on zero-width characters.  Both the request for a --keep
option and the bug report are due to Rogério Brito.

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