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Jim Hef{}feron
Saint Michael's College

Update summary:
  Version 1.1: Added environments namedprop and namedprop* for special
               named propositions.
  Version 1.1a: Minor documentation updates.
  Version 1.2: New table of contents formatting.
  Version 1.3: Changed the typesetting of proofs that end by a math
               display.  This involves interface changes.
               Changed table of contents formatting (again).
  Version 1.4: Fixed the bug inherited from amsart:  now appendices
               do not cause large indentations in table of contents
  Version 1.5: Added compatibility with babel
  Version 1.6: Bibliography style now understands fjournal field.
               Documentation update

Basic package information, as sent by the contributor.
Location: /macros/latex/contrib/ijmart
Caption: LaTeX Class for the Israel Journal of Mathematics.
Description: The Israel Journal of Mathematics is published by The
    Hebrew University Magnes Press.  This class provides LaTeX support
    for its authors and editors.  It strives to achieve the distinct
    “look and feel” of the journal, while having the interface similar
    to that of the amsart document class.  This will help authors
    already familiar with amsart to easily submit manuscripts for The
    Israel Journal of Mathematics or to put the preprints in arXiv with
    minimal changes in the LaTeX source.
Author: Boris Veytsman
License: lppl
Name: ijmart
Version: 1.6

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