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On Tue, 21 Sep 2010 Dominik Waßenhoven submitted an update to the



Summary description: Humanities styles for biblatex
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
v1.3a [2010/09/21]
This version of biblatex-dw supports biblatex 0.9d. Please 
note that you have to update biblatex at least to version 
0.9b if you would like to use biblatex-dw 1.3a! You will 
also need to install the package logreq which is a new 
requirement since biblatex 0.9b. Users might also need to 
update their data due to some changes in biblatex 0.9a and 
biblatex 0.9b. Please follow the hints for users given in 
biblatex’s RELEASE notes for both of these versions.
The following changes were made to biblatex-dw:
 - Option »omitpages« was renamed to »citepages« and 
   enhanced. As in the verbose standard styles, you can now 
   choose between »permit«, »omit«, »suppress« and 
   »separate«. Other as in the biblatex styles, the standard 
   for this option in biblatex-dw is »separate«.
 - Option »herename« dropped. The same functionality can now 
   be achieved by using »citepages=separate«. Note that the 
   bibliography string »herename« was also dropped, 
   »thiscite« is used instead.
 - New option »shorthandinbib«: if set to »true«, the 
   shorthand of each entry will be typeset in the 
   bibliography before each item. The shorthand will be set 
   in brackets, separated by a space. You can customize this 
   behaviour by adjusting the following commands:
   The default for »shorthandinbib« is »false«.
 - BUGFIX: The shorthandpunct could not be redefined by a 
   simple \renewcommand, but only as an argument of 
   \AtBeginDocument. This is now fixed, and a simple 
   \renewcommand is sufficient. 
 - BUGFIX: The shorthandpunct was also printed, when the 
   option »shorthandwidth« was not in use (this had only 
   effect, when the shorthandpunct was redefined). This is 
   now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: When using authortitle-dw with »firstfull=true«, 
   a \parencite had an erroneous space for the first 
   citation without a postnote. This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: The new editorial roles introduced in biblatex 
   0.9 were not fully supported. This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: The option »firstfullname« did not work with
   biblatex’s option »uniquename«. This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: When using hyperref, some links to the 
   bibliography were broken. This should now be fixed. 
 - BUGFIX: In @inbook entries the punctuation after a book 
   author was not the \labelnamepunct. This is now fixed.

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For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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