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Tue Apr 12 16:56:46 CEST 2011

heiko oberdiek has uploaded one of his massive updates:

> my bundle is now updated in CTAN after a long time.
> There are new packages, in alphabetical order:
> * eolgrab
>   This package implements a generic argument grabber
>   to catch an argument that is delimited by the line end.
> * hobsub
>   Package `hobsub' implements the idea of loading
>   several packages in one big collection package.
> * hopatch
>   This packages provides a wrapper to various package hooks
>   provided by other packages or classes, but does not define
>   own hooks.
> * mleftright
>   TeX sets subformulas by \left and \right as inner formulas
>   with additional surrounding spaces in some situations.
>   This package provides \mleft and \mright that call \left
>   and \right, but the delimiters will act as normal \mathopen
>   and \mathclose delimiters without the additional space of an
>   inner formula.
> * protecteddef
>   This packages provides \ProtectedDef for defining
>   robust macros for both plain TeX and LaTeX.
>   First e-TeX's \protected is tried, then
>   LaTeX's \DeclareRobustCommand is used.
>   Otherwise the macro is not made robust.
> And there are various changes, bug fixes, new features
> in the following packages:
>   atbegshi attachfile2 auxhook bigintcalc bitset bookmark
>   catchfile etexcmds gettitlestring grfext grffile hologo
>   holtxdoc hycolor hypcap inputenx kvdefinekeys kvoptions
>   kvsetkeys letltxmacro ltxcmds luacolor magicnum pdfescape
>   pdftexcmds pmboxdraw refcount uniquecounter zref

the files are all available on the ctan sites (www.tex.ac.uk,
www.dante.de) and will be available from mirrors over the next 24 hours.
catalogue entries have been created, or updated (as needed).

Users may view the bundle's catalogue entry at
or browse the bundle's directory at

The bundle's catalogue entry will change (somewhat) overnight tonight,
as will large numbers of those it references (and some, of course, will
not appear until that same time).

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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