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On Thu, 10 Feb 2011 Pavel Farar submitted an update to the



Summary description: PT Serif font and LaTeX support.
License type: other-free

Announcement text: 
- In the fonts/enc/ and fonts/map directories omitted the "paratype" level
	(suggested by Karl Berry).

- Changed style files in this way:

	1) Added an option to scale the fonts. In the font definition files
		was support for it but not in the style files. It was caused
		by creating simpler style files than those created by autoinst
		from fontools (they were created because the original files
		required the package fontenc with all supported encodings --
		which might be a problem).

	2) Style files do not change neither \familydefault nor \bfdefault.
		There are font substitutions in the font definition files now.

	Both suggested by Ricard Torres. Used his patches (based on Walter
	Schmidt's macros) for PTSerif.sty and T1PTSerif-TLF.fd. The changes
	extended to all other files.


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