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On Wed, 16 Feb 2011 Uwe Lück submitted the



Summary description: numbering footnote lines, including \linelabel support
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
fnlineno.sty extends lineno.sty such that even 
\footnote lines are numbered and can be referred 
to using \linelabel, \ref, etc.

It has been motivated as support for critical editions 
of printed works with footnotes, as opposed to scholarly 
critical editions of manuscripts. For this purpose, an 
extension edfnotes of the ednotes package for critical 
editions, building on fnlineno, is provided in a 
different directory.

lineno.sty has also been used for the revision process of 
submissions. With fnlineno.sty, reference to footnotes in 
the submitted work may become possible.

As to implementation, the method of typesetting footnotes 
on the main vertical list may later lead to applying the 
line numbering method to several parallel texts (with 
footnotes) and to `inner' material such as table cells.

This work of some weeks, including approaches that failed, 
was possible due to major support by the Deutsche 
Forschungsgemeinschaft, organized by Christian Tapp.
The lineno bundle still needs reworking ...

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