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Summary description: critical annotations to footnotes referring by line numbers
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
`edfnotes.sty' extends `ednotes.sty' so that you can 
refer even to footnotes of the edited work by line numbers, 
building on the accompanying `fnlineno' package in the 
`lineno' bundle. 

`ednotes.sty' has addressed “scholarly” critical editions 
of (hand-written) manuscripts. `edfnotes' additionally 
supports critical editions of (printed) works with footnotes. 
The package was developed for an edition of Bernard Bolzano's 
`Paradoxien des Unendlichen' by Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Tapp
– a work with some very long footnotes.

As to implementation, certain core parts of ednotes have 
been reimplemented entirely, this may later migrate into 
`ednotes.sty' itself. It had been hoped that `edfnotes' could 
build on the `bigfoot' package. This might have improved 
(automatic) page breaking and placement of original footnotes 
and critical annotations (whereas at present, some page breaks 
need manual trial-and-error solutions). However, analysis of 
`lineno' and `ednotes' for extending them, as well as many 
unexpected difficulties, exhausted project resources too early. 
David Kastrup's \MakeSorted has here been implemented by 
\inserting annotations to footnotes at the last main text line 
of a page only, hooking into lineno's numbering mechanism –
a nice (\leight-weight" – ?) alternative to David Kastrup's 

This work of a few weeks was possible due to major support by 
the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, organized by Christian

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