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On Wed, 2 Feb 2011 Martin Scharrer submitted an update to the



License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
 * Better handling of code comments:
    - Comments direct before a macro or environment definition
      are now placed inside the corresponding 
      description environment before `\begin{macrocode}`.
    - Separate comment lines stay as they are and will be normal
      text in the .DTX file.
    - Commented text inside definitions will cause the `macrocode`
      environment to be interrupted and reopened afterwards.
    - Code lines which are commented out (i.e. are indented and
      there is no space after the '%' sign) will stay as part of
      the macro code.
 * Added '-c' (generate code section only) option. This resembles
   the output of v1.0 and is useful to insert more code into
   exisiting .DTX files.
 * Config files can now include comment lines as well.
   These lines must start with '%' or '#'. 


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