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On Sun, 5 Jun 2011 André Miede submitted an update to the



Summary description: Major release, including support for porting classicthesis to LyX
License type: gpl

Announcement text: 
Changes in version 3.0 (June 2011)
o There have been some major changes in order to port 
  classicthesis to LyX easily. See below for details.
  Special thanks go to Ivo Pletikosi\'c for all his 
  hard work he put into this project!
o Changes in ClassicThesis.tex:
	- Redundant fleqn removed from documentclass options 
	 (will be set by amsmath package in preamble)
	- KOMA adjustments for documentclass: 
	- Moved language options into documentclass due to LyX
	  issues with babel
o Changes in classicthesis.sty:
	- Removed bcor from areaset command so that it can
	  be set via \documentclass option (BCOR=)
	- New \ctparttext command for putting preamble text
	  after part titles (see ClassicThesis.tex for examples)
	- \graffito command now also available as original
	  \marginpar (backward compatibility is enabled)
	- Chapter number in margin done with \oldmarginpar
o Changes to classicthesis-preamble.sty:
  - Fixed autoref for subfigures (see Chapter 2 for example)
  - Fixed issues with redefining autoref strings (for
      different languages)
	- Now contains all configuration information, such as
	  the title, your name etc.
	- This package now also loads classicthesis.sty, change
	  the options classicthesis to be loaded with here  
	- Package inputenc now loaded with latin9 option 
	- Package listings now also loaded here
	- Now safer package loading regarding options by
	  using \PassOptionsToPackage command extensively
	- Inserted new string for \mySubtitle
o Changes in Titlepage.tex and Titleback.tex because of new 
  string \mySubtitle
o Changed a lot of the documentation, e.g., in Chapter01.tex

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Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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