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On Fri, 29 Apr 2011 Philipp Stephani submitted the



Summary description: An extension module for platform-specific code useful for LuaTeX
License type: other-free

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While often platform-specific problems can be handled purely in Lua, it 
sometimes happens that access to the native operating system API is required.  
For such tasks, Lua allows loading extension modules written in C (or other 
languages provided that they can produce a dynamic library that exports a 
certain C-style function).  The lualatex-platform package aims to provide such 
an extension module that is usable from both Lua and LuaTeX and adds a small set 
of features not available otherwise.  At the moment, it merely supports listing 
the fonts known to the operating system; this feature will hopefully be 
integrated into the luaotfload package.


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