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On Fri, 27 May 2011 John Bowman submitted an update to the



Summary description: 2D & 3D TeX-aware vector graphics language
License type: lgpl

Announcement text: 

PRC vertex-shading for straight patches was implemented. A general image routine 
that uses a pen function of two integer parameters was implemented.  A 3D pixel 
routine was added. A temporary expression is now used to avoid side effects in 
self operators. Keyword-only function arguments were implemented. The sizing 
routines were recoded. Bugs in drawline and geometry were fixed. The geometry 
module no longer overloads the built-in circle and ellipse functions. PDF TeX 
engines are now supported in xasy.  Directory prefixes are no longer stripped 
from .js and .prc file names.  The TeXShop instructions were updated. The 
asymptote.sty LaTeX style file was updated to allow leading spaces before 
\end{asy} and to introduce a keepAspect keyval option. Segmentation faults were 
fixed.  Unwanted state-dependency was removed from the startTrembling function 
of the contributed trembling module by introducing a tremble structure 
(backwards incompatible change); see the example floatingdis!


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