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Summary description: Humanities styles for biblatex
License type: lppl

Announcement text: Yes
version 1.4
This version of biblatex-dw was tested with biblatex 1.7 and 
requires at least version 1.6 of biblatex. 
 - BUGFIX: With @review entries cited by \fullcite or
   \footfullcite the reviewed work was not printed in full.
   This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: With "shorthandinbib=true" and "terselos=false", 
   the shorthand was printed twice in the list of 
   shorthands. This is now fixed.
 - The \smartcite commands introduced by biblatex 1.2 are 
   now supported.
 - The \textcite and \textcites commands are now also supported
   by footnote-dw.
 - New command \textcitesdelim: delimiter between author names
   when using \textcites. The default is:
 - New option "seriesformat" which can take the values 
   "standard" and "parens". If set to "parens", the series 
   of a book etc. will be printed in parentheses, otherwise 
   without (as is the biblatex standard behaviour). The 
   default value for this option is "parens" (as was the 
   behaviour in earlier biblatex-dw versions).
 - New option "editorstringfont" which can take the values 
   "normal" and "namefont". With "normal", the normal font 
   is used, with "namefont", the setting for the option 
   "namefont" is also used for the editor string (and 
   translator string etc.). The default value for this 
   option is "normal".
 - New option "editionstring": If set to "true", the 
   bibliography string "edition" will be added to the 
   "edition" field, even if it is not an integer. Thus, 
   you can type, e.g., 
      edition = {2., aktualisierte}
   in your bib file and you will get "2., aktualisierte 
   Aufl." (or, with option abbreviate=false: "2., 
   aktualisierte Auflage"). "editionstring=false" will give 
   biblatex’s default behaviour. The default for this option 
   is "false". 
 - New entry option "oldbookauthor" which is equivalent to 
   "oldauthor" but for the bookauthor (this is useful for 
   @inbook entries representing, e.g., an introduction to an 
   edition of a work by an author that should not be typeset 
   in the usual font for last names). This option can be set 
   on a per entry basis and can be disabled with the global 
   option "oldauthor=false".
 - Improved options "namefont", "firstnamefont", "idemfont" 
   and "ibidemfont" which are now aware of the setting of 
   the biblatex option "punctfont".
 - Small bugfix for the xref functionality.

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