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Tue Sep 6 18:30:12 CEST 2011

i have just released v3.23 of the faq to ctan and to the usual web

this release contains more tidying up than new material, but some
significant changes have been made (see changes list, below).


interactive access:
sources, etc:
catalogue entry:

robin fairbairns



Changes since version 3.22

New answers:
 +Label book-lists:  redirector to the dismembered parts of old "label books"
 +Label ctan:	     summary of the salient points of the archives
 +Label catalogue:   outline of the CTAN catalogue
 +Label latex-books: the LaTeX part of old "label books"
 +Label other-books: the miscellanea from old "label books"
 +Label subdepth:    getting even subscripts in your maths
 +Label tex-books:   TeX and Plain TeX part of old "label books"
 +Label type-books:  typesetting part of old "label books"

Relabelled answers:

Revised answers:
 +Label altabcr:     error can be caused by insufficient columns in a matrix
 +Label clsvpkg:     rewritten with a LaTeX 2e perspective (rather than 2.09)
 +Label context:     add detail following Hans Hagen's outline in Tugboat 100
 +Label destable:    more details of caption above table
 +Label doc-dirs:    correct link to TUG India tutorials page
 +Label drawing:     link to intro doc on pgf/TikZ, and sparse docs of DraTeX
 +Label gethelp:     rewritten for (slightly) improved clarity
 +Label hyphen:	     LuaTeX's hyphenation pattern loading is different
 +Label keyval:	     references to expl3, xpackages replaced with l3* versions
        keyval:	     mention getoptk
 +Label labelfig:    mention pst-layout; mention that pgf/TikZ is also capable
 +Label latex2e:     mention "frozen" state
 +Label latex3:	     references to expl3, xpackages replaced with l3* versions
 +Label latexqual:   mention lacheck
 +Label luatex:      "clarify" statement about future changes to PDFTeX
	luatex:	     updated versions mentioned; MikTeX now offers LuaTeX
 +Label MF:	     mention sidelining of Metafont in the modern world
 +Label patch:	     use letltxmacro where necessary
 +Label RCS:	     mention gitinfo
 +Label texthings:   clarify description of luatex
 +Label tfm:	     XeTeX and LuaTeX don't need TFM files
 +Label underscore:  \_ in OT1 encoding is bad news
 +Label useMF:	     a step in removing archaic baggage from this answer

Deleted answers:
 +Label books:	     dismembered to produce the new *-books above (the
		     label is now redirected to book-lists)

Web interface, etc.:
 A small change to the HTML generation has (to the author's eye)
 improved the appearance of pages on the web.  There remain problems
 in this area, despite the improvement.

Robin Fairbairns

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