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Wed Aug 15 14:36:25 CEST 2012

Herbert Voss wrote:

> I uploaded pstricks-base.tgz to the uk ctan node. Please replace all
> files with the ones in the main directory
> /graphics/pstricks/base/
> pstricks.tex --------
> 2.30  2012-08-13  - fixed bug with the star version of \psellipticarc
>                   - added fillstyle options eovlines, eohlines,
>                                             eovlines*, and eohlines*,
>                     which use eoclip instead of the default clip
> ---- pstricks.pro
> 1.14  2012-08-13  - add eoclip for linefill and dotfill
> read the file /base/doc/pst-news12.pdf for more informations
> about this update to the base part of PSTricks or read
> the other Changes files which lists all what's new in
> the other files.

thanks for the upload; i've installed it and updated the catalogue

Users may view the package's catalogue entry at
or browse the package's directory at

The catalogue entry will update, on the web, some time soon.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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