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Summary description: upLaTeX support of japanese-otf
License type: other-free

Announcement text:
Update of japanese-otf-uptex to version 0.09 for otfbeta v1.7b4:
  For "otfbeta (v1.7b4 2012/01/22)", upTeX in TeXLive svn r24922
  Enhance: support characters on supplementary planes (SP) in ucs mode base fonts
    and those in macros \UTF{}, \UTFC{}, \UTFT{}, and \UTFM{}.
    Not only upLaTeX but also pLaTeX can treat
    the macros \UTF{}, \UTFC{}, \UTFT{}, and \UTFM{} for characters on SP.
    To generate vf, we require ovp2ovf with set3 support
    i.e. ovp2ovf (WEB version) in TeXLive svn r24922.
    To treat dvi, we require dviware with set3 support
    i.e. dvipdfmx in TeXLive svn r24509, dvipsk in TeXLive svn r18144.
  sty/otf.sty ::
    Support characters on SP in the macro \UTF{}.
  sty/mlutf.sty ::
    Support characters on SP in the macros \UTFC{}, \UTFT{}, and \UTFM{}.
  umkjvf ::
    Change option from '-sip' to '-sp <0-2>'.
    Update references Unicode Blocks-6.1.0.txt (Date: 2011-06-14, 18:26:00 GMT [KW, LI])
      and Adobe-Japan1-6 cid2code.txt (Version 02/04/2012).
  umakeotf, script/sp_list_{j,c,t,k}.txt,
  script/MakeSPList.pm, script/{mkutf32list,mktfm_sp,mkutfvf_sp}.pl ::
    Add: New script to make vf, tfm for characters on SP.
  test/uplatex/Makefile, test/uplatex/uotftest-utf8.tex ::
  test/uplatex/uotf-sp-utf8.tex, test/uplatex/sp_jp_text.tex,
  test/uplatex/sp_{jp,cns,gb,kr}_utf.tex ::


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Thanks for the upload.

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