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On Thu, 23 Feb 2012, Pavel Farar submitted an update to the



Summary description: LaTeX support for free fonts by ParaType
License type: lppl

Announcement text:

- Added font PT Mono (currently just TrueType format).

- My converted Type 1 version of fonts PT Sans and PT Serif is replaced
	by Type 1 fonts kindly provided by ParaType. It has two important
	advantages: First, they are of much higher quality. Second,
	the distribution of the fonts is not limited to TeX.

- Added map file paratype-mixed.map that sets Type 1 version of PT Sans
	and PT Serif and TrueType version of PT Mono. It is just temporary
	sollution before I get Type 1 version of PT Mono. This map file
	may disappear in future releases of this package.

- Added support for faked styles UprightItalic and Slanted of PT Serif.
	Requested by A. Jan Kutylowski. There are no font files containing
	these styles, the styles are generated on the fly. There is small
	incompatibility: In the previous version of paratype, if you
	requested slanted shape of PT Serif, it was replaced by italic
	shape. Now, there is both italic and slanted shape and they are

- Removed f-ligatures from the TS1 and X2 encodings. They were set explicitely
	for all encodings on the command line, no matter if they were really

- The file paratype.sty sets PTMono-TLF as the default monospaced font.


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Thanks for the upload.

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