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On Thu, 28 Jun 2012 Dominik Waßenhoven submitted an update to the



Summary description: Humanities styles for biblatex.
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
version 1.5
This version of biblatex-dw was tested with biblatex 1.7.
 - BUGFIX: The functionality of ibidpage=true was broken. This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: With edbyidem=true (and xref=false), the first citation of an 
   @inbook entry where author and editor are the same, but the bookauthor 
   differs resulted in "ed. by idem", which is wrong. This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: With edbyidem=false, the book author of @inbook entries
   was not typeset in the appropriate format. This could lead to a
   wrong output (e.g. "Lastname, Firstname" instead of "Firstname 
   Lastname"). This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: With @inreference entries, the output could be 
   inconsistent with regard to the volume(s). This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: Changes in font size for \annotationfont and \libraryfont
   led to a wrong baselineskip. This is now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: There was a small bug in @collection entries concerning the 
   punctuation after the labelname. This should be fixed now.
 - BUGFIX: With shorthandinbib=true the \labelnamepunct was printed when there
   was no author or editor present. This lead to superfluous punctuation and is
   now fixed.
 - BUGFIX: In some circumstances the final period of the bibliography items
   (\finentry) was not printed. This is now fixed.
 - In authortitle-dw, the \textcite command now also considers
   the value of the firstfull option. That means, if a work
   is cited for the first time via a \textcite command, the
   result would be "<Name> (<full citation>)".
 - New option "citeauthor" which can take the values "namefont", "namefontfoot"
   and "normalfont". This option controls the name format for the \citeauthor
   command. With "citeauthor=namefont" the same format as set by the option
   "namefont" is used. This is the default behaviour. With "citeauthor=normalfont"
   the normal font is always used for \citeauthor, regardless of the "namefont"
   option. With "citeauthor=namefontfoot" the "namefont" format is used if the
   \citeauthor command is inside a footnote, otherwise the normal font is used.
 - The list of shorthands with option terselos=true is now even more terse: 
   the [main]subtitle and [main]titleaddon fields are now also omitted.

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