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Summary description: split list at list inside in TeX's mouth
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
`bitelist.sty' provides commands for "splitting" a token list 
at the first occurrence of a contained token list. I.e., for given 
token lists s, t return b and shortest a, such that t = a s b.
As opposed to other packages providing similar features, 
  (i) the method uses TeX's mechanism of reading delimited macro 
 (ii) the splitting macros work by pure expansion, without 
      assignments, provided the macro doing the search has been 
      defined before processing (e.g., a file);
(iii) instead of using one macro for a "substring" test and another 
      one to replace the "substring"--which includes extracting 
      corresponding prefix and suffix--, the *same* macro that 
      detects the occurrence returns the split;
 (iv) e-TeX is not required.
(And LaTeX is not required.) This improves `fifinddo.sty' (v0.51). 

An elaborated approach (additionally to a simpler one) is provided 
that does not loose outer braces of prefix/suffix.

"Substring" detection and "string" replacement are (implicitly) 
included with respect to certain representations of characters by tokens.
Counting occurrences and "global" replacement could be achieved 
by applying the operation to earlier results, etc.--so 
this approach seems to be "fundamental" for a certain larger 
set of list analysis tasks.

The documentation aims to prove the correctness of the methods 
with mathematical rigour.

KEYWORDs: macro programming, text filtering, substrings

RELATED PACKAGEs: datatool, stringstrings, ted, texapi, xstring


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