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Xavier Danaux submitted an update to the



Summary description: A moderncv curriculum vitae class.
License type: lppl

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version 1.2.0 (31 Oct 2012)
 - updated the banking style header to include the option to show a title.
 - set the values of \arrayrulewidth and \doublerulesep to their standard values (0.4pt and 2pt resp.) to enable the drawing of rules in tabulars and arrays by default.
 - modified the code of \makecvtitle and \makelettertitle of the "casual" style to avoid it to cause horizontal alignment issues after and before itself.
 - corrected a bug in \makelettertitle of most styles that displayed the current date (\today) instead of the date given through the \date command, as reported by B. Schlimmchen and S. Fnord.
 - removed the need to set pdfpagelabels=false when loading hyperref, by putting \pagenumbering{arabic} (to define \thepage) before loading hyperref, as figured out by J. Wolf.
 - corrected the line wrapping of \cvlistitem of the "banking" style.
 - corrected a bug in \makecvtitle and \makelettertitle of the "banking" style.
 - removed an unwanted space in the footer of the "casual" style.
 - moved the font style definitions to moderncv.cls for better readability (moderncv.cls is meant to be a sort of header file, implementing only some macros shared by all styles and defining the macros that the style files need to implement).


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Thanks for the upload.

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