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Summary description: Use the text font in simple mathematics
License type: lppl

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The mathastext package automatically (or only locally)
changes the document fonts used in math mode for letters and
digits (and a few other punctuation and symbol signs) to
replace them by the font used for the text. Thus, the
package makes it possible to use a quite arbitrary font
without worrying too much that it does not have specially
designed accompanying math fonts. Also, mathastext provides
a simple mechanism in order to use more than one
math-as-text font in the same document.

  + new with 1.15: with the `subdued' option it is possible
to let the `mathastextification' act locally in the document.

  + new with 1.15b: some backward incompatibility introduced
by a `feature' of 1.15 is fixed, and the documentation is
made clearer.


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