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Uwe Lück submitted an update to the



Summary description: \listfiles entries from command line
License type: lppl

Announcement text:

FIRST UPLOAD was v0.6 as of 2012-10-14.

UPLOAD of v0.7 as of 2012-10-17 (2012-10-18):

 * New option -c adds test of "date consistency" with the 
   `filedate' package and may thus be a way to check 
   "date consistency" with XeLaTeX (where \pdffilemoddate 
   is not available ... may be silly ...).
 * Indeed new option -x uses `xelatex' rather than `latex' 
   (see manual `adhocfilelist.htm' for discussion of 
    possible silliness -- somewhat missing in `filedate' 
 * Some documentation mistakes have been corrected.
 * srcfiles.tex checks date consistency for scripts and 
   documentation and lists what is used indeed 
   (but cf. makehtml.log from recent makehtml.tex).
 * `adhocfilelist.RLS' provides a release summary with 
   `typeoutfileinfo', appearing in SrcFILEs.txt too.
v0.8 should allow -c with an explicit list of filenames ...

UPLOAD r0.3 (2012-10-19):

 * added present RELEASE.txt (started for v0.7)
 * corrected adhocfilelist.tds.zip
 * added `filedate' checks in makehtml.tex, additionally 
   to those in srcfiles.tex
 * \listfiles in makehtml.tex (HTML driver) more careful, 
   using `nicefilelist', for comparison with SrcFILEs.txt


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Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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