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Sat Oct 6 23:06:58 CEST 2012

the daemon told me:

> The following information was provided by the package's contributor.
> Name of contribution: mathastext
> Author's name: Jean-François Burnol
> Package version: 1.15c
> Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/mathastext
> Summary description: Use the text font in simple mathematics
> License type: lppl
> Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Optimal typographical results for documents containing
> mathematical symbols can only be hoped for with math fonts
> specifically designed to match a given text typeface.
> Although the list of freely available math fonts (alongside
> the Computer Modern and AMS extension fonts) is slowly
> expanding (fourier, kpfonts, mathdesign, pxfonts, txfonts,
> and others...) it remains limited, and the situation is even
> worse with Unicode fonts (XeTeX/LuaTeX). So if you can't
> find a math font which fits well with your favorite text
> font, and wish to still be able to typeset mathematical
> documents, perhaps not of the highest typographical quality,
> but at least not subjected to obvious visual incompatibi-
> -lities between your text font and the math fonts,
> try out mathastext: it will simply use the text font also
> for the math!
> New with 1.15c:
>   + it is now possible to use multiple distinct LGR encoded
>   fonts for the Greek letters in math mode, one for each math
>   version. 
>   + improved documentation.
> New with 1.15:
>   + with the subdued option the action of mathastext can be
>   limited to a portion of your document.

thanks for the upload; i've installed the new version, and updated the
catalogue repository.

> Users may view the package catalogue entry at
>   http://mirror.ctan.org/help/Catalogue/entries/mathastext.html
> or they may browse the package directory at
>   http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/mathastext/

Robin Fairbairns

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