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In eledmac :
	- new package option "parapparatus" : it allows paragraph inside critical notes (except for paragraphed notes)
	- \ledchapter \ledsection \ledsubsection \ledsubsubsection and the starred versions allows critical notes for sectionning command. Read the handbook.
	- new command to add in preamble \labelpstarttrue: if you use it, a \label put just after a \pstart will refer to the pstart number
	- hooks for note customization :
		- Correction on \numberonlyfirstinline with lineation by pstart or by page.
		- Add \numberonlyfirstintwolines[series] : must be used in combination with \numberonlyfirstinline. If you use \numberonlyfirstintwolines, l.2-3 will be distincted from l. 2
		- \pstartinfootnote[series] : print the pstart in the footnote number. Auto enabled with \lineation{pstart} and auto disabled with \lineation{page} and \lineation{section}
		- \onlypstartinfootnote[series] : print only the pstart number in footnotes, and not the line number.
		- \bhookXnote[series]{code}, \bhooknoteX[series]{code}, \bhookXendnote[series]{code} to add an arbitraty code at the begining of a critical/familiara/end note
		- \beforeXnotes[series]{length} \beforenotesX[series]{length} : to define space before critical or familiar footnotes.
		- \txtbeforeXnotes[series]{txt} : to add text before critical footnotes.
		- \maxhXnotes[series]{lenght} and \maxhnotesX[series]{length} : to define the max height of critical / familiar footnotes. Read the handbook
	- \preXnotes{length} and \prenotesX{length} can be use to define the space before the first series of critical/critical footnotes of the pages, instead of the value defined by \beforeXnotes[series]{length} / \beforenotesX[series]{length}
	- when two (or more) sidenotes are in the same line, they are both printed, separated by a comma. But you can redefine \sidenotesep to change this separator.

In eledpar : 
	- compatibility with eledmac 1.1 
	- the option "shiftedverses" becomes "shiftedpstart". And so \shiftedversestrue becomes \shiftedpstartstrue and \shiftedversesfalse becomes \shiftedpstartsfalse


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