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Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers
License type: lppl

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   version 1.04 of xint (2013/04/25)

   This release has some bug fixes, important improvements in the
   xintseries package and its documentation, and a new component
   xintcfrac.sty devoted to continued fractions.

   1. bug fixes: \xintIrr {0} was a bad one. Apart from that,
   there were some inaccuracies in the documentation.

   2. the base package xint has new commands to help deal in an
   expandable way with token lists produced by some of the bundle
   macros. Also, the division routine is a bit faster, and a
   rounding macro has been added to the xintfrac package.

   3. xintseries: a new implementation of \xintPowerSeries, based
   on a Horner scheme, has greatly reduced a problem of denominator
   build-up. Also, the package has new macros, among them
   \xintRationalSeries is for computing partial sums with general
   term F(n) where F is a rational function and the macro is given
   the n->F(n)/F(n-1) function. This is especially designed for
   series of the exponential type, again to avoid a denominator
   build-up which made \xintSeries and \xintPowerSeries inefficient
   in such situations. The documentation has been correspondingly

   4. xintcfrac: this is a new package to deal with matters of
   continued fractions. For example \xintCFrac is like amsmath
   \cfrac apart from a little detail: it first computes the
   continued fraction corresponding to a given fractional number!
   (and then feeds \cfrac with it; almost all package macros only
   deal with computations, not typesetting). The package includes
   commodities to specify the coefficients of the (possibly
   generalized) continued fraction as function of the index, to
   compute simple and centered continued fractions, to return the
   list of all convergents, etc...
   The xint.dtx source file self-extracts packages xint.sty,
   xintgcd.sty, xintfrac.sty, xintseries.sty and xintcfrac.sty (as
   well as xint.ins).


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