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Sam Whited submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.0.0
License type: lppl

Summary description: A package for formatting anthologies of
                     poetry and other writings.

Announcement text:

PoetryTeX 2.0

>From the release notes (https://github.com/SamWhited/poetrytex/releases/edit/v2.0.0):

- Breaking API changes:
  - Rename `\toptitle` to `\topname` (Breaking API change!)
- New Features:
  - Begin using semantic versioning (semver.org).
  - Add lots of hooks into parts of PoetryTeX.
  - Allow customization of dedication format.
  - Allow changing of group page style (Issue #8).
  - Allow the user to insert poems into the ToC (Issue #9)
  - Allow the user to declare an incipit (Issue #1).
  - Allow listing poems in the table of contents.
  - Create a new counter to track poem groups.
  - Lots of formatting and spacing settings.
  - Allow changing of the default group environment.
  - Allow user to reset poem nums on counter change.
- Minor changes and bug fixes
  - Require `tcloft` package.
  - Use custom table for list of poems (Issue #6).
  - Prevent orphan / widow lines in poems (Issue #7).

For a detailed change log see the documentation.


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