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Markus Kohm submitted an update to the



Version: 3.12
License type: lppl

Summary description: A bundle of versatile classes and packages

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:

 This is the Christmas 2013 distribution of KOMA-Script.

 Beside some bugfixes, there are several new features and even
 three new packages. See change log in scrguien.pdf or
 Änderungsliste in scrguide.pdf for information about all new
 features. For a short description of most of the new features
 in German see http://www.komascript.de/node/1625.

 Here are only some keywords:

  - Optionally generate a cover title page instead of a normal
    first titlepage.

  - New font elements titlehead, author, date, publishers, dedication.

  - New option bibliography=leveldown.

  - New options toc=numberline, toc=nonumberline,
    listof=numberline, listof=nonumberline.
  - New commands \ifstrstart, \ifisdim, \ifisskip, \ifiscount,
    \ifisdimerps, \ifisglueexpr, \ifisnumexpr, \ifiscounter.

  - \defcaptionname, \newcaptionname, \renewcaptionname,
    \providecaptionsname may be used with a list of languages.

  - New commands \usefontofkomafont, \usesizeofkomafont,
    \usecodingofkomafont, \useseriesofkomafont,

  - New command \UnPreventPackageFromLoading, \UnReplaceFile,
    \UnReplacePackage, \UnReplaceClass.

  - Extended \PreventPackageFromLoading.

  - New option symbolicnames (scrlttr2 only).

  - New variable frommobilephone (scrlttr2 only).

 The new packages are:

  scrlayer - defining layers and controlling page headers and footers

  scrlayer-scrpage - controlling page headers and footers

  scrlayer-notecolumn - control note columns parallel to the main text

  Note, that scrlayer-scrpage is designed to replace scrpage2.


Users may view the package catalogue entry at

or they may browse the package directory at


     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese

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