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Stéphane Galland submitted an update to the



Version:  20131214
License type: lgpl

Summary description: The bundle allows the user to create
      Unified Process methodology (UP or RUP) based documents.
      The style provides document versioning, document history,
      document authors, document validators, specification description,
      task management, and several helping macros.

Announcement text:

 tex-upmethodology can be used with latex. In the previous
 versions, only pdflatex could be used. 

 This release adds the macros \chapterfull and \sectionfull
 which allow the user to control the labels associated with a
 chapter and a section (in the core text, in the toc, and in the
 headers), and adds the macro \newpageintoc to help to avoid
 orphan lines in the toc.

 The environment 'description' is redefined for enabling the
 specification of the separating text between the description's
 items and the description's texts.

 Removes any reference to the package 'fancyhdr'. 

 The macro "backcovermessage" is added to insert a message at
 the bottom of the inner page of the back cover.

 Minor bugs are fixed in the name's formatting functions.


This package is located at 

More information is at

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