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Xavier Danaux submitted an update to the



Summary description: A modern curriculum vitae class
License type: lppl

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version 1.3.0 (09 Feb 2013)
 - added a new environment to create multiple columns: cvcolumns. Each column is then created by \cvcolumn[width]{header}{content}, where the optional width is given as a fraction of the total width (between 0 and 1). The header and content are robust and can contain any paragraph command (e.g., a nest itemize environment).
 - added a macro (\pdfpagemode) to control what is visible upon opening compiled pdfs (assuming pdf reader support), as suggested by U. Stöhr. Possible values include: "UseNone" (only the document), "UseThumbs" (show thumbnails), "UseOutlines" (show bookmarks) and "FullScreen" (open in fullscreen mode).
 - added a 3rd, fully optional (can be omitted or left blank) argument to \address to specify a country, as requested on launchpad (launchpad bug #1063995).
 - compacted list environments further.
 - replaced the usage of the xargs package by the xparse one.


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