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Summary description: The IEEEtrantools.sty package provides several commands from the IEEEtran.cls file so that they can be used under other LaTeX classes.
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 

I am pleased to announce the release of the v1.3 update to the IEEEtrantools LaTeX package.

IEEEtrantools.sty provides several commands from IEEEtran.cls, including 
\IEEEPARstart and the IEEEeqnarray family so that they may be used under other 
class files.

Version 1.3 is based on version 1.8 of IEEEtran.cls. Notable changes include:

 1) No longer redefines the standard LaTeX itemize, enumerate and description 
    (IED) lists by default. (e.g., the older package option "retainorgcmds" is 
    now the default behavior.) A new package option, "redeflists", can be 
    invoked to redefine the standard IED list environments to their IEEE 
    versions. IEEEitemize, IEEEenumerate and IEEEdescription remain available in 
    any case. The redeflists option may not be compatible with other packages 
    that alter the standard IED list environments.

 2) Added new *-forms of \IEEEyesnumber*, \IEEEnonumber*, \IEEEyessubnumber*, 
    and \IEEEnosubnumber* (the non-star form of the latter is also new) which 
    persist across IEEEeqnarray lines until countermanded. To provide for 
    continued subequations across instances of IEEEeqnarrays as well as for 
    subequations that follow a main equation (e.g., 14, 14a, 14b ...) 
    \IEEEyessubnumber no longer automatically increments the equation number on 
    it's first invocation of a subequation group. Invoke both 
    \IEEEyesnumber\IEEEyessubnumber together to start a new equation/subequation 

 3) Hyperref links now work with IEEEeqnarray equations. Thanks to Stefan M. 
    Moser for reporting this problem.

 4) Now provides the IEEEproof environment, as well as the \IEEEQEDhere, 
    \IEEEQEDhereeqn and \IEEEQEDoff commands. Also, \IEEEproofindentspace allows 
    users to change the IEEEproof indentation via \renewcommand. Thanks to Mark 
    D. Butala, Hennadiy Leontyev and Stefan M. Moser for suggesting this. 
    Special thanks to Stefan M. Moser for beta testing and additional 
    suggestions which improved IEEEproof.

See the changelog.txt file for full details.

  Mike Shell


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Thanks for the upload.

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