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Jean-François Burnol submitted an update to the 



Summary description: Use the text font in math mode
License type: lppl

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1.2e [2013/01/10]

This version should be the last one in the 1.2 series as it seems to 
correct most of the main problems which were introduced with the massive 
use of mathematically active characters in versions 1.2 and 1.2b.

   * It is indeed a thorny point when one wants to modify only in math mode
     how an active character acts, without breaking things. The package now
     does that /only/ if the activation appears to originate in the Babel
     system, as it is then possible to modify appropriately the Babel macros
     \user at active<char> and \normal at char<char>. The relevant issues are
     discussed in section 2.10 of the user manual, in the test file
     testmathastextalphabets.tex, and in the source code comments to the
     macro \mst at mathactivate. The inherent incompatibility of Babel with
     packages having made mathematically active the characters itself makes
     document active is circumvented by this interference of mathastext. A
     generally applicable Babel patch could be derived from the method used
     by mathastext.

   * The technique of mathematical activation is maintained only for the
     characters which are not catcode active (at the entrance in math mode,
     as mathastext does all its activation job at everymath and everydisplay).

   * Sadly, the feature of added italic corrections introduced in version
     1.2b did not behave as described in the user manual, due to forgotten
     group braces. Fixed.

   * The command \MTlowerast from the user manual of v1.2d was not the one
     implemented in the source code. Fixed.

   * The test files automatically extracted from a latex run on the dtx file
     have been revised and extended. 

   * The code is better documented.


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