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Jean-François Burnol submitted an update to the



Summary description: easily customisable TOCs
License type: lppl

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1.07e [2013/03/01]

The minor updates during the previous month have brought some
various improvments to the code, and relatively important changes:

    * v1.07b removed the \xspace previously used in \etocname,
      \etocnumber, \etocpage. This could mean that some sources will
      have to be edited, my apologies for that.

    * v1.07e (this update) completely modifies the (unsatisfactory)
      use of penalties and vertical spaces in the package `own line
      styles'. The changes could cause documents having made use of
      these etoc default line styles to compile a bit differently,
      my apologies for that.

The documentation has been gradually extended to include more and
more examples of various uses of the package. Are now explained,
among others:

    * an example of an `inline' TOC with the subsections and the
      sub-subsections being typeset as footnotes to the sections,

    * an example of a TOC using the LaTeX default layout except for
      the subsections of one given section,

    * an example of a TOC listing all TOCs of the documents,

    * an example of a subsection which is itself a TOC on three
      columns displaying all subsections of the document,

    * and the latest addition: a TOC displayed as a tree. (uses tikz
      and package tikz-qtree).


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Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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